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Scatterbrained? Absentminded? Or occasionally simply forgetful? Be honest,'s human nature and the busier you are, the worse (more human?) you become.

Birthdays offer a particular problem. After all, there's a heck of a long gap between repeats!  But you've got it covered! You've got a little list so they'll none of them be missed....

It's on your computer...somewhere... In a file called....something... Updated....somewhen...


And then when you do stumble across the file, you realise just how many birthdays and anniversaries you've forgotten. CRINGE

But we have a solution!

Login and we despatch reminders straight to your inbox. So you can't miss them! And we send them ten days AND three days before the day. So you doubly can't miss them! You could also send them personalised cake delivery to make up for the dates you've missed and LondonCakes can help you with that!