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Catering for food allergies:

This is a complex subject and one we all have to be aware of especially as food suppliers.
The good news from your perspective is that if you decide to get a cake from us it is a subject that we are trained in.
Not only do we have to take an examine that includes this subject we also are inspected by our local authority on this area.
Unfortunately if you buy from a small bake at home business you may not ave the same assurances.
We bake sponge to cope with most food allergies. We bake in special trays that are labelled to prevent cross contamination.
The finished cakes are labelled under the board so we know that an EGG FREE cake is exactly that.

Nearly all of our cakes are available in either EGG FEE or GLUTEN FREE sponge.
To get an overview on the subject download the guide below, or CALL US ON 020 8450 6788.

Catering for food allergies