What size cake will I need?  
What Flavour are your Cakes?  
Where are the cakes made?  

The cakes are made in our bakery in London. The full address is Londoncakes.com, Rubicon House, Second Way, Wembley HA9 0YJ We only make and decorate our cakes at our modern bakery unit, all of our equipment is stainless steel and cleaned under a strict cleaning regime. We operate under HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) to ensure our cakes are made to the highest of food preparation standards. We receive regular inspections from the local authority to make sure we maintain these high standards.

Are your cakes suitable for people with Egg allergies?  
Can you do cakes which are Gluten & Wheat Free?  
Do your cakes contain any alcohol?  
Are your cakes suitable for vegetarians?  
Do your cakes contain any nuts?  
Can I upload my own photo for my cake?  
Will you be introducing more cake designs?  
I had trouble uploading the picture to my order, help?  
Do you do 3D Novelty cakes?  
I have received my cake, what is the best way to store it?  
We have some cake left over what is the best way to store it?  
How can I pay for my Cake?  
Can you give me any more information on your products?  
Do you only deliver with London?  
Can I get a cake delivered to me tomorrow?  
What days can we deliver your cakes?  
What time will my cake be delivered?  
Do I have to order the cake the day before?  
Do I have to pay for delivery?  
Can I send a cake to an address different to my Billing Address?  
I have missed the delivery; will I not receive my cake?  
Can I send a card with the cake I have ordered?  
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