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What size cake will I need?  

The Standard size cake is 8” by 8” (~20 x 20cm) and sits on a 10” by 10” silver board. This cake will feed 16-20 adults comfortably.

The Medium size cake is 10” by 10” (~25 x 25cm) and sits on a 12” by 12” silver board. This cake will feed 25-30 adults comfortably.

The Large size cake is 12” x 12” (~30 x 30cm) and sits on a 14” by 14” silver board. This cake will feed 35 – 40 adults comfortably.

The Extra Large Size cake is 14” x 14” (~35 x 35cm) and sits on a 16” x 16” silver board. This cake will feed ~50 adults comfortably.

For Corporate events we have cakes that are 16” x 16” and 18” x 18” in size, which feed between 80-150 people. If you need a bespoke Cake size we would be happy to help. Please get in touch on 0845 3900 900 or email us.

What Flavour are your Cakes?  

We have 2 delicious flavours of sponge, choose between Chocolate or Vanilla flavour. If you can’t decide which to go for choose our very popular Half & Half option. The Vanilla sponge comes with a Vanilla buttercream and jam filling. The chocolate has a chocolate buttercream filling and the Half & Half has a Vanilla buttercream filling. Keep checking back for new flavours.


Where are the cakes made?  
The cakes are made in our bakery in London. The full address is, Rubicon House, Second Way, Wembley HA9 0YJ

We only make and decorate our cakes at our modern bakery unit, all of our equipment is stainless steel and cleaned under a strict cleaning regime. We operate under HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) to ensure our cakes are made to the highest of food preparation standards. We receive regular inspections from the local authority to make sure we maintain these high standards.


Are your cakes suitable for people with Egg allergies?  
If you need a cake for someone with an Egg allergy, please select the Eggless sponge option which is available on all cakes. Eggless cakes cost 10% extra. Prices start from £38.50.


Can you do cakes which are Gluten & Wheat Free?  
Yes, select the Gluten Free option under “Sponge Type”; Gluten & Wheat Free cakes cost 50% extra. Currently the Gluten & Wheat Free option is only available in Chocolate Sponge. You can order the Gluten & Wheat Free option on all cakes, apart from the Cake Wizard. If you would like to upload your own Photo use the Own Design Cake Option.

Do your cakes contain any alcohol?  
No, they do not contain alcohol. This ensures they are suitable for customers of all ages and all religious beliefs.

Are your cakes suitable for vegetarians?  
Yes, our cakes are suitable for vegetarians. However we are aware that some people regard eggs as unsuitable for vegetarians. Our Moist Light Sponge cakes do include eggs so are not recommended for anyone with an egg allergy or those who do not eat eggs for religious reasons. We do offer Eggless and Gluten Free sponge options. 

Do your cakes contain any nuts?  
We are legally obliged to say “May Contain Nuts” however we have no nuts on the premises and no nuts are included in the ingredient list for our cakes.


Can I upload my own photo for my cake?  

Yes you can! We specialise in image cakes so can transfer any photograph of image, logo or an image that you’ve found online on to a cake. You can upload the file on the Own Design Cake, Photo Cake, Birthday Qake and Corporate Logo Cake or via the Cake Wizard. Square images work best; please ensure the image is of good quality.


Will you be introducing more cake designs?  
Yes, we will continually be adding more designs to our Cake range! If you would like a specific cake designed and cannot find anything suitable on the Website, why not upload your own image? Or get in contact with us, via email or phone us on 0845 3900 900.


I had trouble uploading the picture to my order, help?  

If you have had trouble uploading your desired picture onto the cake we will try our best to contact you via email and phone to retrieve the desired picture. If for any reason we are unable to get through to you we will customise the cake ourselves with the information provided and send you the cake. If you are worried that your picture has not attached to your order please send us the picture with your Order ID to [email protected].




Do you do 3D Novelty cakes?  
We pride ourselves on the freshness of our cakes, for this reason we do not currently make 3D cakes as they take a long time to make which is reflected in the poor taste. We can put any image on your cake so do be creative! We will start introducing 3D products to our website in the coming months; we are working on ways to ensure the same freshness as our Image cakes!


I have received my cake, what is the best way to store it?  
The cake does not need to be refrigerated. On arrival of the cake store it in a cool, dark place until ready to present. The cakes remain fresh for up to 12 days. For further information refer to the storage instruction leaflet which arrived with your cake or call us on 0845 3900 900.


We have some cake left over what is the best way to store it?  

Once the cake has been cut you can store it in the fridge until you fancy some more! To ensure maximum freshness cover the open part of the cake with cling film before placing in the fridge.

How can I pay for my Cake?  
You can order and pay for the Cake over the website, all major debit and credit cards are accepted. You can also pay via PayPal. If you would prefer to discuss the Cake in further detail we can take your order over the phone. Call us on 0845 3900 900.


Can you give me any more information on your products?  
We’ll be happy to help you with any of your queries. Contact us via email or call us on 0845 3900 900. We look forward to hearing from you!


Do you only deliver with London? operates a hand delivery service within London, if you would like a cake delivered outside of London order via you can get your cake delivered anywhere in the UK.


Can I get a cake delivered to me tomorrow?  
If you order before 6:00pm Monday to Friday we guarantee delivery next day anywhere in London, the cake will be delivered between 7am and 6pm.

What days can we deliver your cakes?  
We deliver on every day of the week apart from on Sundays. You can also come and collect your cake from us (, Unit 4, Harp Business Centre, Apsley Way, London, NW2 7LW). Monday to Friday between 10am and 6pm and on Saturdays between 9am and 12pm. We do not deliver on Bank Holidays.


What time will my cake be delivered?  
As we offer a last minute Cake delivery service we cannot guarantee delivery times. We don’t want you to stay in all day awaiting your delivery, so if you are planning on heading out give us a call between 5pm and 6pm the day before the date of delivery and we can give you 2 hour delivery slot. 

If you are having a party at a specific time during the day we advise that you order the cake for delivery the day before as we cannot guarantee delivery times. Our cakes remain fresh for up to 12 days so it will be in perfect condition for your party. Just resist eating it.

If you desperately need it for a particular time get in touch with us on 0845 3900 900 and we will do our best to help!


Do I have to order the cake the day before?  
No, you do not have to wait until the day before to place your order. We can take orders up to 4 months in advance. Simply select your delivery date from the drop down menu. The cake will be made the day before so they are as fresh as possible and then delivered to you on the selected date of delivery.


Do I have to pay for delivery?  
Yes, we do charge for delivery. You can calculate your delivery charge if you follow this link:

Delivery charges are based on which area of London you are based in, deliveries in Central London start at £10, the further outside of this area you are the more expensive the delivery. You can save on the delivery charge by opting to collect from us (, Unit 4, Harp Business Centre, Apsley Way, London, NW2 7LW). If your delivery charge is £20 or greater you may opt to purchase the cake from


Can I send a cake to an address different to my Billing Address?  
Yes, you definitely can. As long as the delivery address is within London you can order the cake on If you need to deliver a cake outside of London, order via


I have missed the delivery; will I not receive my cake?  
If by any chance you are out when our drivers try and deliver the cake to you, they will try and deliver to a Neighbour or leave the cake in a safe place (authorised by you). On the extremely rare occasion that our Driver cannot find a safe place to leave the cake he will return it to our Bakery and delivery can be rearranged (extra charges may occur). A note will always be left indicating where your cake is.



Can I send a card with the cake I have ordered?  
At the moment you cannot send a card with your order, however if you would like to call us on 0845 3900 900 or contact us. We can get this organised for you.