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1. Repeat Business

If you win a contract or a sizable order, send a cake to your

Customer’s office saying “Thank you 
and looking forward to working

with you”. 
Woodford Heating, a successful commercial plumbing

company sends their clients a “Thank You” cake to his clients for new

contracts. The cake gets shared around the office and other buyers get

to know of the company. Guess what? More often than not they

receive a new enquiry and further business. 
One of our customers

called recently to say that a £40 cake got them a £10,000 contract!

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2. Product

Send an image cakes for business in to a few Journalists. Ribena, Samsung and

Sony have used cakes from us to launch new Products and got good

Press Coverage as a result. 
One of the Worlds’ best known Chocolate

brands had a cake delivered to their London HQ with a new Brand

image on the top. The cake was for the Directors Board Meeting. 

Ask yourself would a printed image have had the same impact as the 

image on a cake?



3. Staff Recognition & Target Achievement

A corporate cake delivery costs less than £45. Many of the UK's best known

Retailers send cakes to branches that have over-achieved. Rather than

a single present for one individual, this can be shared with the

whole Team and provide a good reason for a little Team appreciation!

Psychologically, a cake reminds us of our childhood. We remember a

time of celebration, when we were the focus of attention and gives us a

warm fuzzy feeling. Try mentioning cake in a small group and see the

response and excitement that it produces.

L’Occitane sent a cake to each store on the anniversary of the store.

Even the store has a Birthday! This is a great excuse to say thanks to the branch and further increase

loyalty for the company and local outlet, all for the price of a single Cake.


4. Lapsed Customers

We all have them, but how many of us contact them to re-ignite the

Picking up the phone straight away is a good first step, if this

receives a lukewarm response then a Cake may be a good way

forward! Humour is a good ice breaker, so think about Googling a

funny image or adding a funny speech bubble to a photo or cartoon.

Remember, we can put any image on cakes for business!

For those that have read the excellent book, “The Art Of Influence” by Robert Cialdini, you may recall the

first principle of persuasion - ”Reciprocation”. 
This is defined as – “people feel indebted to those who do

something for them or give them a gift.” 
A cake definitely ticks this box.


5. Prospective Customers

Put yourself in the mind of a Potential Buyer, you are looking for a new supplier

of Widgets. Company A emails a catalogue of their Widgets, Company B sends

you cake with a personal message to you. On the cake is a small QR code, which

when scanned takes you to a video on their website introducing their company

and products. 
Which company do you think is more likely to get the business?

Even without the QR code Company B are more likely to get the Business, the

use of modern technology and video is just a really nice touch likely to pay dividends! 

Just this month Santander used this exact method to send cakes to key people in the Press to gain PR for their

123 account campaign.


6. Press Pictures and FREE PR

Celebrating ANYTHING?

Make sure you have a corporate cake with the key message on it. Grab a few pictures of people around the cake. Send the picture to the press along with a well worded press release, costs very little and may well get you some valuable FREE PR. A Cake says you have something to celebrate and tells the world you are doing well.

Recently TSB were on SKY news, and a cake from us featured in the twenty second clip!

The cost of the cake £45, the value of national TV coverage £1 000’s if not £10,000’s.



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