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Harvard Business School say a 5% increase in customer retention can translate to a 25-95% increase in profit. So send a Let's Catch Up cake to a forgotten customer. Call us for multiple cake discounts.

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How to increase your company profits by 25-95% with cake.

This is not my opinion but the opinion of: Havard Business School and Bain and Co. (World famous management consultants ).

To increase your bottom line by this subtantial percentage you need to:

increase your customer retention by just 5% !!!!

4 step plan to achieve this increase in business:

1. Get a list of lapsed customers (check sales records from more than a year ago).

2. Send a "Let's catch up cake "

3. When you get the 'Thank You Call' start to re-bild the relationship.

4. If you don't get the 'Thank You call', phone them to check cake arrived then; see step 3.

We can deliver the cake pretty much anywhere in the call us know.

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