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SPECIAL for the 14th....We LOVE OUR STAFF CUPCAKES. We include 4 vegan cupcakes in every box too. We do a huge variety of logo cup cakes for businesses. These are the luxury buttercream and logo cup cakes, perfect for any corporate event, Call 0845 390090

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Cake Size

The cakes start at 8" x 8" in size and go all the way up to 18" x 18" in size.
Sizes,  Number of Portions and the Prices are shown in the dropdown menu.
Cupcakes can be bought in 12s, if you would like more than the maximum
amount please phone on 0845 3900 900

Sponge Type

If there are not any allergies that you're aware of choose "Moist Light Sponge".
For Eggless and Gluten & Wheat Free allergies please select the appropriate Sponge Type.
Please note that the Gluten Free option is only available in Chocolate Sponge.
For further information on Sponge Type please call us on 0845 3900 900.


All of the cake designs are available in the following Flavour combinations:

Ribbon & Background Colour

Choose the Colour you would like for your Ribbons & Image Background.

Cupcakes for business, logo corporate cakes.
Cupcakes for business, logo corporate cakes.
Cupcakes for business, logo corporate cakes.
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Each cake feeds

We have organised anything from 2 dozen (not baker's dozen) cupcakes to 10 000 cakes for O2.
The 10 000 for O2 were across the country to five locations and was organised in less than a week.

There are so many fun things we can do in terms of packaging.
So call one of our cake team at to discuss your particular requirements.
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